Las Vegas Short Term Rental Permit

Short-Term Vacation Rentals
Special-Use Permits City of Las Vegas

The Las Vegas City Council voted in June 2017 to require special-use permits for short-term and vacation rental properties. This requires a land-use application with the City of Las Vegas Planning Department. The Taylor Consulting Group is your best choice for obtaining this special-use permit. We will streamline the process for you, submit all application documents on your behalf, and represent you before the Planning Commission and City Council. We pride ourselves on delivering successful results for our clients. If you're the owner of a short-term vacation rental or know someone that is; contact us today at 702-483-7045. You can also contact us via e-mail at: [email protected]

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Below are the fees associated with our representing your business before the City:

Consulting Fee:  $2,000.00

Consultant Success Fee (following the successful approval by the City):  $500

City of Las Vegas Application Fee:  $1,030.00

Design of Site-Plan and Floor-Plan: $300 - $500

Neighborhood Meeting Notice (not required but some owners may want to have one):  $500