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Life Saver!

We were at a planning commission meeting about to get a denial on a project and lucky for us Nathan was watching the meeting on T.V. He sent a text to the commissioner in charge of our project and we were able to get it postponed and make some changes. After we hired Nathan for multiple projects that include rezoning, landscape waivers, and parking waivers one of which has already been approved. It gives us peace of mind to have him in our corner! Thanks Nathan!

Chrisi Reyes Property Developer September 16, 2019

Made us a priority

Taylor consulting did an amazing job supporting us while Helping us navigate the path that developers and city council takes when developing vacant land. Nathan was incredibly knowledgeable on every single aspect of the process. He always put us first and when we would call him to remind him about an item he would have already addressed it. He always stayed one step ahead of us. It was so refreshing to have someone in our corner and always staying positive. We highly recommend this company.

Michelle D Property Owner / Developer August 26, 2019

Neighborhood Win

When our neighborhood was confronted with an unwanted Commercial development, we hired Taylor Consulting Group to be our advocate. Long story short, our choice proved successful. Nathan displayed an excellent work ethic and spent endless hours working alongside the neighborhood team through to the finish. Our contract was a bit different than Nathan's usual area of expertise, yet he is a quick study, and together we prevailed. A good team makes for a solid win. Highly recommend.

Brigitte S HOA Representative June 3, 2019


Nathan was professional, kind and lastly personable. He handled my case with care and addressed all issues that arose with swift and efficient solutions. I would recommend him and his firm to anyone! Thank you!

Patrick C. Property Owner November 18, 2018

SUP For Short Term Rental Permit

I hired Nathan to help assist me with my application for a short term rental permit. I was pleased with the performance and result of this firm and would use again.

Olive Knaus Property Owner November 16, 2018

Business permitting, Liquor license, City License etc.

I hired Nathan to help with Business permitting, Liquor license, City License etc. Nathan is well informed about any issue that may arise. Nathan as been a big help to me in my business adventures. Thank You Nathan!

John S. Clement Business Owner September 29, 2018

Thank You!

I am very grateful and satisfied with the work done by Nathan and staff to help me gain my Special Use Permit. He was very professional and attentive to all that needed to be completed. Even following final payment when additional assistance was needed, he was available to help. His extensive knowledge, experience and connections in the industry make him very valuable in this process. I would not have been able to accomplish the process on my own. I would highly recommend Nathan.

Emily Burggraf Property Owner December 8, 2017

Fast & Professional

Nathan Taylor made the whole process of applying for a Special Land Use Permit smooth & easy. I will never know all the behind the scenes work he put in but on the date of my hearing, things couldn't have gone smoother! He also followed up with me after full payment was received and I will not hesitate to call him again should the need arise. Many thanks Nathan.

Heather W Property Owner August 16, 2017

Very Reliable Service

I am very happy to get my property rezoning from Office to C1. Nathan and his team were very good at handle regulations, paperwork and the government. They make it so simple and efficient. Very very thanks!

Ying Luo Property Owner July 4, 2017

Fast, Professional, & Easy!

We had several obstacles to overcome with the county being such understaffed, and sometimes very disorganized. Error after error piled up and delayed our licensing over a year and a half. Taylor Consulting stepped in and did magic! They were able to organize and rearrange our entire file while working with constant communication with me and the county. Their fees are completely reasonable and fair for the 20 years of experience backed up by the company! Nathan & Margie know exactly how to get the job done and at the same make your life easy at an amazing price. Thank you for everything!

Lior Facher Jerusalem Grill & Bar April 21, 2017

Great Work!

I was having a hard time getting an office/warehouse project approved by the city of Las Vegas, luckily the engineer that was doing the project for me gave me Nathaniel's number and he made it all happened for me, thanks again Nathaniel for making this happen.

Roy Cruz Business Owner April 4, 2017

Experienced & Efficient

I often refer clients to Nathan. He’s experienced, efficient, and does good work. Nathan has worked hard to establish key relationships in the community and is a pleasure to work with.

Richard Rawson, Esq. Attorney March 16, 2017

Thank You Taylor Consulting

I was tired of the fight to get my liquor license for my restaurant in Las Vegas. I had no idea how much work goes into it. Clark County makes it tough. Finally I gave up and looked for an attorney to do all the work for me. What I found was that an attorney would cost me a fortune and none of them really specialized in this work. Then I found the Taylor Consulting Group. They had obviously helped hundreds of people to get their Las Vegas liquor license. I was shocked as to how reasonable their rates were too. Needless to say, they knocked it out of the park. All the paperwork was redone quickly and submitting it went through without a problem. If you need a liquor license in Las Vegas, call them. They're great.

Dave T. Restaurant Owner March 4, 2017

Thank You Taylor Consulting Group!

Nathan Taylor represented my business when I knew the environment would be hostile. He handled everything with professionalism and took the worry from me. He handled the TV Stations, the newspaper, the CAC board, Planning Commission and the County Commission. And the hostile neighbors. I WON because of Nathan Taylor. I highly recommend him to handle all aspects of your business start-up and licensing. Because he gets you opened! Thank you Nathan Taylor!!!!

Heidi Unger March 3, 2017

Vitruvian Properties, LLC

“Mr. Taylor and his associates at the Taylor Consulting Group were extremely effective in obtaining my Special-Use Permit. I would recommend TCG to anyone looking for assistance dealing with local government.”

Eric Brown Vitruvian Properties, LLC October 19, 2015

Straight Shooter that has saved me money

Nathan at The Taylor Consulting Group has helped me out in Las Vegas government issues a few times now.  He cost me less than a lawyer and saved me a ton of time.  I highly recommend him for licensing help, special permits, and land use issues.

RonFent Properties & Investments October 17, 2015


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