Short-Term Rental Experts Succeed in City of Las Vegas

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February 20, 2018


Re: Short-Term Rental Properties in the City of Las Vegas


Las Vegas , Nevada— Last June, the City of Las Vegas passed an ordinance that regulated short-term rentals in the City of Las Vegas. This now requires property owners to obtain a special-use permit; through the City Planning Department. Since then, the Taylor Consulting Group has been working hard to help owners obtain the necessary approvals.


The Taylor Consulting Group was one of the first government affairs firms to start processing these types of applications on behalf of their clients. Since June, TCG has a 75 percent success rate when representing applicants for short-term rentals.


“We felt that representing responsible property owners in this matter would be a positive step for the community,” says Nathaniel Taylor, President of the Taylor Consulting Group. “We knew going into this that not every application would be approved by the City, However, I think the way we vet the clients we represent and the direction we provide has led to our success.”


As this process develops, TCG hopes to continue its work with the City’s appointed and elected officials to ensure this industry has a positive effect on the community.


Those interested on how to apply for a short-term rental in the City of Las Vegas can contact the Taylor Consulting Group via e-mail or telephone.