How to Get a Special Use Permit in Las Vegas

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When a business owner decides on a location, they must first discover what entitlement requirements they must meet before receiving approval for licensing. More often then not, we deal with restaurant owners, tavern owners, liquor stores, and convenience stores that must be properly permitted before they can begin operations.

In the City of Las Vegas and Clark County, business owners are often required to submit for a Special Use Permit through the Zoning or Planning Department.  The Taylor Consulting Group, LLC has over 15 years experience dealing with entitlement and land-use matters. Our firm works closely with government agencies to draft, submit, and monitor your application from start to finish.

In Las Vegas and Clark County Business Owners often need assistance with issues dealing with Special Use Permits, Zone Changes, and Land-Use matters. When these issues arise, that’s when the Taylor Consulting Group, LLC is there to help.

Our associates are licensed and bonded engineers and land-use planners. In addition, Nathaniel Taylor President of the Taylor Consulting Group, LLC has been appearing before Local Civic Boards, Councils, and Commissions in Las Vegas since 1998. We work hard on behalf of our clients to ensure that the application process goes as smooth as possible. The knowledge and expertise we possess makes us one of the most effective Land Use Consultants in Las Vegas.