Success In Business Only Limited By Dreams

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I was reading this article today, and couldn’t help but think about all of those millionaires and billionaires that never graduated high school or attended college. While I don’t suggest that folks skip on their education, I do recognize that America is still the great land of opportunity!

From the local convenience store owner to the mom and pop donut shop on the corner–everyone has an opportunity to create their own success. It’s the dreams of our citizenry that continue to put food on the table for so many. An idea hatched at a local coffee shop that turns into a fortune 500 company. These are the stories so rampant in our society.

We are only limited by our dreams and willingness to succeed–never except anything less than the best we have to offer. So in reading this story one can see that nothing in life should hold us back! Persevere, and as I always say “never, never, ever give up”!

Click this link to read: “Ivy League and Privilege Not Required to Make Billions”, by Joel Stonington of BusinessWeek.